Rémi Charton, PhD

Basin and hinterland geologist

NARG | North Africa Research Group

TUDelft & University of Manchester


My expertise lies in the utilization of Low-Temperature Thermochronology results (i.e., a set of geo-thermo-chronometers routinely applied to constrain vertical movements), which I combine with more traditional geoscientific fields (e.g., sedimentology, structural geology, geophysics, etc.…) and tools (e.g., fieldwork, GIS, numerical modelling, etc.…).

My Ph.D. project was focusing on past vertical movements of the NW African continental crust that are characterized by i) km-scale amplitudes, ii) a lack of supporting events in the geological record, iii) resulting eroded material exported to the offshore domains. My post-doc had a research and a technical component. The North Africa Research Group, a U.K. based group of academics and industry sponsors led by prof. J. Redfern, funded both years of the post-doc. During this period, I pursued the investigation of vertical movements and their resulting sedimentary source-to-sink systems in NW Africa, while also building a corporate GIS database for the North Africa Research Group: the NARG GIS database.

In terms of scientific outputs, I favor publishing in Open Access and I am a fervent user of preprints, via the young Earth arXiv platform.


E-mail: r.j.g.charton (at) tudelft.nl

orcid.org: 0000-0002-0064-256X


Post-doc | 2018-2020 | Regional Geology | North Africa Research Group | UK

Ph.D. | 2018 | Applied Geology | Delft University of Technology | NL

M.Sc. | 2013 | Sedimentology | Université de Bourgogne+Universitetet i Tromsø | FR+NO

B.Sc. | 2011 | Geology | Université de Bourgogne | FR