Rémi Charton, PhD

Geoscientist | Assistant Professor

Delft University of Technology (NL)

Department of Geoscience and Engineering

Applied Geology Section

Member of the North Africa Research Group

NARG | University of Manchester  (UK)

Associate editor for the Journal of African Earth Sciences


My expertise lies in the utilization of Low-Temperature Thermochronology datasets (i.e., a set of geo-thermo-chronometers routinely applied to constrain vertical movements), which I combine with more traditional geoscientific fields (e.g., sedimentology, structural geology, geophysics, etc.…) and tools (e.g., fieldwork, GIS, numerical modelling, etc.…). I have regional expertise is in northern Africa and in the continental rims of the Central Atlantic Ocean. 


E-mail: r.j.g.charton (at) tudelft.nl

orcid.org: 0000-0002-0064-256X

Education & Academic titles

Assistant Professor | 2023 - ongoing | Landscapes of the future | TUDelft

Post-doc | 2021-2023 | Regional Geology (N Africa) | TUDelft | North Africa Research Group | UK+NL

Visiting Academic | 2020-2021 | Regional Geology (Central Atlantic) | North Africa Research Group | UK+NL

Post-doc | 2018-2020 | Regional Geology (NW Africa) | TUDelft | North Africa Research Group | UK+NL

Ph.D. | 2018 | Applied Geology | Delft University of Technology | NL

M.Sc. | 2013 | Sedimentology | Université de Bourgogne+Universitet i Tromsø | FR+NO

B.Sc. | 2011 | Geology | Université de Bourgogne | FR